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Posted 6 February 2015

I've finally got my (forked) Pico editor up and running (on Github here: It'll get some updates along the way, but in the spirit of Agile, it's shippable product, so I've got it out the door.

It's missing some features I'd like - most notably a decent 'file manager' that can upload images and whatnot to the server, but I'll work on that another time. Meanwhile, it's got some basic Git connectivity (able to commit, push/pull etc), and has a few bugs fixed from the original editor from whence it came. That means it's good enough to crank out and publish content - which was sort of the point of it in the first place.

Along the way, I've (refreshed) my Jquery knowledge (which didn't take long, as there wasn't much to start with), and I've also had a play about with some CSS. I've typically battled with CSS changes as they never seem to do what I want, but on this occasion things seemed pretty easy. I think primarily because the editor has a pretty small stylesheet, which means it's not too hard to edit or modify. I managed to do some pretty nice things with it like a CSS popup, font-based icons (via the excellent icomoon), and a good dose of nasty Javascript, which I'd like to think I'll tidy up later.

Tags: #picocms #javascript #jquery #github #php

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